Acrobatic Arts & Tumbling

  • Acrobatic Arts combines Tumbling, Flexibility/Contortion, Balancing, and Limbering into one fun class!
  • Acrobatic Arts is not gymnastics. Students focus 100% on learning floor based skills on mats, Air Track, and other floor based equipment. They will NOT learn bar, beam, rings or vault for example.
  • PDC invests in formal training for our Acrobatic Arts Instructors. Instructors may focus on any of the Acrobatic Arts disciplines during class as part of the lesson plan. Each class also includes conditioning such as cardio, strength training, and stretching.
  • Classes throughout the week are taught with a dedicated instructor and offer the opportunity to learn a routine to perform in our recital, in addition to building skills.
  • Saturday classes focus on skill building, offer month to month enrollment, and are taught with our instructors rotating, exposing our students to a variety of instructors and styles. There is no costume or performance required with our Saturday classes.
  • Common question – “Will my child learn tumbling skills in Acrobatic Arts class? She really wants to learn how to do a back-handspring.”  Answer – “Yes.” Tumbling skills are a big focus of the program. However, Acrobatic Arts builds a foundation of skills which enable our students to progress to more complex movements over time, while teaching safety and proper technique. In other words, a student must demonstrate mastery of one level before moving on to the next. Have patience please. Students should expect to move at a slower and more focused/controlled pace as they learn the proper technique for each skill.
  • Common question“How are students placed into the Acrobatic Arts classes?” Answer – Students are divided into levels based on skill level and technique following an assessment. Students are recognized as they progress through the levels and master new skills. Students should expect to be in class with a variety of ages. Acrobatic Arts levels are based on skill and ability, not by age.


AGE 3+

(fully potty trained)

No Shoes required – Students take class with clean bare feet

PDC leotard with pink tights & shorts or leggings (no skirts permitted).

PDC has a strict guidelines with regards to shoes and attire permitted at each age level in the classroom. Consult the PDC Dancewear guidelines handbook or contact The Dancer’s Closet before purchasing anything.

Hair must be worn up in a low ponytail or a low bun, meaning down near the neck (do not do a bun on top of the head).


Boys only hip-hop and tumbling classes are available throughout the school year for ages 5+.

Boys should wear athletic shorts or pants and a t-shirt. solid black or white is preferred. No large logos or graphics on boys’ clothing please.

Upcoming opportunities to participate in Acrobatic Arts & Tumbling

There are no upcoming events at this time.