Hip Hop


AGE 7+


  • Recreational: Black PDC hip-hop shoes
  • Competition: Hip-hop shoes are purchased with the costume. May wear any clean, dry sneakers to class.


  • Top: Sports bra or leotard under a t-shirt or tank-top (any color.)
  • Bottom: shorts or leggings (any color.)


PDC has a strict guidelines with regards to shoes and attire permitted at each age level in the classroom. Consult the PDC Dancewear and shoes guidelines handbook or contact The Dancer’s Closet before purchasing anything.

Hair must be worn up in a low ponytail.


Boys should wear athletic shorts or pants and a t-shirt. solid black or white is preferred. No large logos or graphics on boys’ clothing please.

Upcoming opportunities to participate in Hip Hop

There are no upcoming events at this time.