Answer: Children must be 3 years old and fully potty trained to start dance class. 

  • Ages 3+ we offer acrobatic arts, ballet, jazz, and tap.
  • Ages 5+ dancers can start cheerleading and add Saturday acrobatic arts skills classes
  • Ages 7+ dancers can start lyrical and hip-hop
  • Contemporary class is typically offered to competition students age 10+ 


Classes start at:

  • $34 per month, for a 30 minute/week class.
  • $56 per month, for a 60 minute/week class

Discounts are automatically built-in and our rates decrease as you add more classes! The parent portal system will do all the math for you.

  1. From this website, click on ‘parent portal.’ You will be redirected to our parent portal system. Tip! You can save this page on your phone or download our PDC APP from your phone’s app store!
  2. First time here? Select ‘create account’ to get started. Once you submit your information, you will receive an email with your password within 24 hours.
  3. Once you receive your password, log-in to the parent portal and select ‘register for classes’ to ‘add students’ and see available classes.

Does all this sound like too much? Don’t stress! Just call or email us and we will help you. We offer a registration day in August and office hours where you can come in and meet with someone in person.

We make this very easy! Check out our PDC Dancewear and Shoe guidelines for all the information you need.

Please be aware: we do not permit “look-a-likes” throughout the school year. Our staff spends a lot of time and thought into selecting items that will hep create the best look and feel for our dancers. These garments, brands, and shoes are the only items permitted in our classrooms*. 

The Dancer’s closet store is located directly across the street from the dance center to assist you!

*summer classes have more relaxed guidelines

Yes. Tumbling skills are a big focus of the program. However, Acrobatic Arts builds a foundation of skills which enable our students to progress to more complex movements over time, while teaching safety and proper technique. In other words, a student must demonstrate mastery of one level before moving on to the next. Have patience please. Students should expect to move at a slower and more focused/controlled pace as they learn the proper technique for each skill.

Students are divided into levels based on skill level and technique following an assessment. Assessments are generally offered 2-3 times each year.

Students are recognized as they progress through the levels and master new skills. Students should expect to be in class with a variety of ages. Acrobatic Arts levels are based on skill and ability, not by age.

Acrobatic Arts levels:

  • Beginner-level 1
  • Level 2-3
  • Level 4-5
  • Level 6-8
  • PrePro 1-3

Absolutely! PDC is very focused on progression with our dancers. We pride ourselves on encouraging development and producing high-performing talent. We offer different programs to keep our students challenged and motivated! Overall PDC progression path:

  • Beginner
  • Recreational
  • Adv. Recreational
  • Competition
  • PDC EXCEL (enrichment program for adv. rec. or competition dancers 10+)
  • PDC PRO (motivating top levels of performance for advanced competition dancers) 

Of course! Remain calm. We are here to help. : )

We have a dedicated staff who is here to help you with all your registration or progression questions. If you are new to PDC, changing dance studios, or an existing PDC parent looking for advice or to get questions answered, PDC is here to help!

Call: 740-522-5588

Email: theoffice@pattysdancecenter.com