Our Approach, Experience and Recital

Our approach and experience!

Our founder, Patty Thagard has built one of the finest dance studios in our region over the past 50 years. She has instilled love and compassion in our staff, knowing that every child is special. We teach dance because it is our passion! We are here to help every child learn proper dance technique and build self confidence, in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our approach is also modern. We pride ourselves on staying current in the world of dance through our music, choreography, and continuous education. Jeanette’s choreography is top-rated and undeniably gifted. We are blessed today to have a talented staff full of committed professionals who are carrying on this legacy.

Expertise in the art of dance…

A caring approach…

Come meet us and see why PDC is the place to be!

Our recital is held in May each year at the beautiful Midland Theatre in downtown Newark. It is an incredible show, fast-paced and modern. For many of our PDC families, it is one of the favorite weekends for their families, where everyone comes together to celebrate these wonderful children!